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Okay, so my band is playing a piece called Appalachian Morning, and it calls for a clarinet solo. Well, we got that piece before winter break, and what do you know? I'm the only first clarinet that practiced it! HA! Well, I do indeed play that piece better than anyone else. I WANT THAT SOLO!!!!! 1st chair is getting better (but not as good as me), 2nd chair is getting close to 1st, I'm 3rd chair, and 4th chair can't really play it much. When we got back from break, our band director demanded that we turn in all our originals, so he can make copies. IT TOOK HIM FOREVER!!!!!! I just got my copy today. And all other first parts. So now, I'm the only one who has access to the clarinet solo. FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!!!! Haha. I didn't mean to. He actually thought that I could give out the music in other classes. No. But, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get that solo. He keeps complimenting me on the part, AND I'm the only one that get the rhythm right. If I don't get this solo, I'm gonna cry.


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