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For some weird reason, i hate it when I find a really cool song and my sister gets it too. She's always like "Where do you GET these songs? Like, where do you find them?". Well, I have to admit i have a lot of REALLY cool and unique songs on my iPod (I even have a song in Japanese!), But its no big deal. I know a guy who listens to french rap and a guy who listens to korean rap.

ANYWAYS. I am in SUCH a predicament! I don't know what to be when I grow up. I'm already 14. High school is coming up and you're supposed to pick your classes that have something to do with your career choice. My original choice was to be a teacher because in elementary school, all the teachers got some really good lunches. But I was in the first grade. And teachers don't get any respect. :(

And then i wanted to be a fashion designer. I stuck to that for a while and then i was introduced to the world of HIGH FASHION. GLAMOROUS! And then I changed my mind AGAIN. I decided to be a musician. I play the clarinet and I am 3rd chair in my band class. Last year I was first chair for the longest time and then the only guy in our section decided to get some private lessons and beat me. Now he's first chair in all-county. And he's in all-state. My goal for this year is to beat second chair. Anyways, I wanted to attend Juilliard, but now i want to be a psychologist.

In Law and Order SVU, there is a shrink. He knows EVERYTHING!!!!!! I wish I were a pretty genius who was allowed to wear make up. But, I'm not. I'm ugly, my I.Q. is only 127, and Ican't wear make up until I'm 16. Sometimes my life sucks.

I'm making a big deal about my I.Q. because in order to be 'gifted' it has to be at least 130. Well, in first grade I was tested, and they made an exception because I was only 7. SO WHAT?????????????? I'd rather have been rejected than have gone half my entire life thinking my mind was superior to everyone else's! It makes me mad. I've ALWAYS wanted to be a child genius or a musical prodigy. And my social life


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